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  1. Tahmid

    The reason it comes out late on PC is most probably because a PC is NOT a GAMING Console. A Gaming console will obviously have games released on it first the reason being that is what a gaming console is for; it gets top priority. No point complaining, common sense really.

    1. Garett

      lol stupid, there is only 1 reason, they want to sell more, why they dont confirm pc release? because this generation of consoles is ending. now do the math moron

    2. RobertM

      That statement is utter nonsense mate, PC’s were around long before consoles, the reason we can even play on consoles today is due to the years of development and experience from Gaming RIGS. To say that PC’s are not gaming consoles bears not correlation!

      If u are saying that they focus on consoles because they are for gamers, then what the heck do we PC gamers play on…..???

      Any PC junkie out there knows that PC gaming RIG’s are the ultimate gamers choice when playing any games and these till today surpass any performance that a CONSOLE can produce, and that’s a fact.

      And just in case u misunderstood, my previous post was directed at the game companies, and NOT console owners….I’ve got an XBOX ffs, but i was merely pissed at the lack of focus on PC’s.

  2. Hous Bin Pharteen

    Hi information when PC release thank you please.

  3. RobertM

    What the hell is it with game makers and this fear of PC????!!!!!!!! I’m sick and tired of always hearing release for consoles and nothing for PC until months later!

    Listen up Rockstar, before consoles were even dreamt about, PC’s were! We PC users who value the efficiency, reliability and high adaptability of the PC deserve a little more respect than is currently given.

    Call this a rant, a misguided on-line post that doesn’t warrant a second look, but riddle me this Rockstar…………”Who are the biggest group of gamers that most companies focus their sales targets on………???”

    Incase you all have been sleeping for a good number of years i’ll help you with the answer on that one………PC GAMERS!!!!!

  4. sambit

    Pc Relase date ????

  5. jk

    Wen will it release on pc???

  6. ConsoleMasterRace

    All these PC fags left in the dust


    Will the game be abeilable for PC?

  8. tokur meshali

    when can i buy gta 5 for pc???

  9. muhammed alzamat

    how i can buy gta 5 for pc

  10. harshkohli

    when gta 5 is going to release for pc????????????

  11. tushar sinha

    will gta 5 be available on pc

  12. amir shaikh

    when gta 5 will release on pc.

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