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Amazon Promotional Codes & Coupons

Amazon Promotional Code

Amazon Promotional Code

Here are PromotionalCoder, the latest amazon promotional codes and coupons are updated on a daily basis. The codes you can find on our website are exclusive to PromotionalCoder, and we take pride in providing some of the best codes for you to save on your purchase.  The Amazon promotional code is a type of discount you can redeem through checkout. Many people use these kinds of codes and discounts to save a certain percentage off of their final order. Usually, these promo codes that amazon gives out are only redeemable one-time, but there may be some exceptions. The amazon promotional code is very much like a cd-key for software. Many people are looking for them, but the people who have the codes do not wish to share them. That is what makes it so valuable to use the code because it may just get you up to 50% off of your final order! Now, wouldn’t you like that?

Working Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons

If you are looking for the codes, you can find them by visiting our blog. We have new blog posts every day that update with the newest promotional codes working on Amazon. Our promotional codes range from free shipping on Amazon, to buy one get one free. You name it, whatever kind of promotional code you are looking for, we probably have it. There are a couple of ways to obtain this prized promotional code. We have a list of current ones, which you can find by clicking here. Also, if you want to make sure you get the codes as soon as they are released, then you can sign up for email subscription, and occassionally, they will email you special offers with coupons and other types of discounts you can redeem on the website.

How to redeem Amazon promotional code

Redeem Amazon Promo CodeRedeeming the code is very simple. Upon checkout, there will be a box that says “Redeem promotional code:”. Make sure you copy and paste the code just as you received it, and hit submit. Once you have input it into the system, then you will need to update the price total that way you can see how good the code was. Most of the time, you will get some sort of freebie such as free shipping, or maybe even something like 25% off. Either way, whatever kind of bonus you get, we recommend you to let us know how the code worked! You can also get the the redeem page, by visiting any Amazon Prime video. When you attempt to watch the video, there should be a little icon at the bottom that says something like “Redeem Code”. Then you will see a image. The image on the left is a example of what you should see.


  • Amazon Black Friday 2014 - Sales are coming right around the corner. We will be posting new codes for everyone to use for black friday. Cyber Monday will also have some nice coupons to use for Amazon. Be sure to check back for those.
  • Amazon Black Friday Deals 2014 has come again, and it is what millions of online shoppers have been waiting for. In fact, it is one of the busiest shopping days in the United States, with billions of dollars in sales made in hours. The sales are time-sensitive, which means you could lose a lot for time wasted in taking advantage of the special deals being offered on computer, electronics, weight loss, smartphones, fashion and other kinds of products - with discounts as high as 70%.
  • Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - If you really want to spend a lot less on many products for the benefit of your family, you should wait for Amazon Cyber Monday 2014 and act fast on that day. This is a day that the internet shopping website gives customers who missed the previous Friday's in-store sales the opportunity to as well buy many high-quality products at up to 30% of the normal price. Amazon has millions of products qualifying for various discounts!
  • With Christmas approaching quickly, many people are still out buying those last minute Christmas gifts. Most people love this time of the year, especially the day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday. Amazon Coupons will be available to use for those who take advantage.
  • You can obtain these coupons by Amazon. Typically, they will be emailed to you, or they even may be on the site with a code. Coupon lovers enjoy this time of the year due to all the great deals, plus Amazon’s coupons. Who wouldn’t love getting a percentage off their order?
  • Do you have children? Or maybe you just want to buy things for other people, but you couldn’t afford much. Thanks to the Amazon coupons, you will be able to afford more than you thought. Instead of getting one gift for that special friend of yours, you can probably get 2-3. It feels good to be able to give Christmas gifts out, and Amazon will let you have that warming feeling of giving.
  • Has your child or even yourself had your eye on something on Amazon, but you knew it was out of your price range? It’s easier to afford with coupons. That’s why Amazon coupons are the best route to go. You will be able to afford that gift and make yourself or your children happy with it.
  • You’re probably used to using coupons in a store. Since Amazon doesn’t have a physical store, you would be entering the coupon in online. When you go to checkout with your order, you will see an area that says to enter coupons. On your Amazon coupon will be a code, and you will enter that code in the area.
  • Amazon coupons give each person the ability to make their children get that gift they have been wanting, or even to just splurge a bit. With Black Friday and Christmas, those Amazon coupons are something you don’t want to miss out on. Who doesn’t like to save money? Saving money could also mean more room for more presents!
  • With Black Friday approaching, you’re probably eager to check out the great deals that are about to take place. Not only will Amazon provide good deals, but there will also be an Amazon Promotional Code that will be available to buyers.
  • Once you get a promotional code from Amazon, be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it when you’re about to checkout with your order. When you’re about to checkout and enter your payment information, you will see an area that has the option to enter a promotional/promo code. You will enter the whole code into that area. Once you are done that, the price will automatically adjust from entering that code. It takes about 2 seconds and you can save even more money.
  • An Amazon promotional code will more than likely be emailed to you before or on Black Friday. It won’t be the first time Amazon has had promotional codes, but if you are new to it, you may want to check your email and follow the steps on how to use it. Amazon promo codes usually can be found online as well. Searching ‘Amazon Promotional Code’ on yahoo or google can bring up a variety of codes to use.
  • Typically, you can only use one Amazon code at a time. Due to the percentage of the cost already going down with that first code, Amazon usually limits the ability to use only one. However, if you have a gift card, that can be used along with the code.
  • If your child keeps putting pressure on you into purchasing that expensive Christmas toy he or she has been wanting, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of purchasing it. If you had your eye on something for yourself or anyone else, you can get that item cheaper. Promotional codes aren’t offered every day, so it’s something that you should take advantage of when you get the chance. If you have any trouble during the checkout process when using the code, Amazon has an efficient customer support team.
  • Amazon FREE Shipping Regardless of familiarity with Amazon, all users are eligible for free shipping. Amazon provides two types of free shipping, free standard shipping and free two-day shipping on all eligible purchases.
  • Free Standard Shipping Users who do not have an Amazon Prime membership can take advantage of Amazon's free standard shipping. In order to have an eligible purchase, you must make an order of at least $35. All items must be sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Items sold by independent sellers not fulfilled by Amazon are not eligible for free shipping. In order to select "FREE Shipping" you can go about your purchase two ways.
  • After placing your order in your shopping cart, Amazon will let you know whether your order is eligible for free shipping or not. Click "Proceed to checkout" and choose a US address in one of the 50 states. For your shipping preference, select "Group my items into as few shipments as possible." Then, select "FREE Shipping" as your shipping speed.
  • You can also place an order using "1-Click" by selecting "Review or edit your 1-Click orders" on the 1-Click confirmation page. Then, Change the shipping speed to "FREE Shipping" by selecting "Change."
  • By choosing free standard shipping, your order should arrive between 5-8 business days after all items are available to ship.
  • Amazon Prime: Free Two-Day Shipping For the frequent Amazon shopper, a Prime membership of $99 a year (less for eligible students and mothers) comes with some extra benefits. One of their best benefits is their free two-day shipping on all eligible orders. Similar to free standard shipping, all eligible items include merchandise that is sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Again, products sold by independent sellers and not fulfilled by Amazon are not eligible for free shipping.
  • Generally, Amazon does a good job in making sure their customers know about free shipping and its policies. If you are shopping on Amazon, you can filter your searches by choosing "Free Shipping by Amazon." Your order may not qualify for free shipping if it contains any ineligible items, or an eligible item was cancelled bringing the order total below $35.
  • The amazon free shipping codes on this website are currently working and tested as of 11/8/2014. We will post an update if new coupons are put up on the website.

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